About Us

So what is the difference between Sandhurst Baits & other bait companies?

The answer is simple …. Consistency, Attitude, Reliability & Professionalism.



We are based within minutes of the world famous Yateley & Sandhurst fisheries and our baits have a proven track record not only on these waters but on fisheries all across the United Kingdom & Europe. We at Sandhurst Baits are proud to produce boilies that not only catch carp but offer the fish the highest possible nutritional standards.

Our baits have evolved over the years into the range of products that we manufacture & supply today. Andy has worked closely over the years with both friends & fellow anglers to formulate the base mixes that are the foundation of our boilie range. A lot of time has been spent sourcing & testing the best quality ingredients & flavours available on the market to ensure our products are amongst the best that are available to anglers in the UK today.

All our baits are manufactured using high quality ingredients & flavours. Ensuring good growth rates for lake owners & making sure the fish are getting a quality bait, by balancing the amino profiles of the proteins and ensuring the maximum amount of digestibility of the boilies as possible. All our baits have added amino acids, vitamins and minerals with balanced proteins infused to increase the profile of the bait which ensures your fish receive the maximum benefit possible from our baits.

Successfully field tested both at home & abroad, we are continually working with our baits to deliver the highest nutritional value to the fish we love to catch and we work closely with our bait testers & consultants to monitor and record our results. Our attitude to bait manufacture has proven to deliver increased catch rates, many of our customers having achieved higher catch rates and multiple PB’s in England and France in recent years.

While we don’t claim to be one of the biggest bait manufacturers in the UK we do think we are a big “small” company – (We have the production capabilities to produce about three quarters of a tonne of boilies a day.) – That being said almost all of our boilies are generally produced in smaller batches, this ensures we can make a consistent product that is always as fresh as possible for our customers. When you use any of our baits you can be sure that they haven’t been sat in a store for months before they get to you!

Our small batch production process also gives us the opportunity to offer what we believe is one of the best custom rolling services available in the UK today. We are happy to work with all of our customers who would like to use their own ideas for a boilie but don’t have the time or knowledge to make them themselves at home. With a choice of standard base mixes and a massive range of flavours & colours and with a minimum order quantity of just 5kg having your own ideas for a bait made reality has never been easier!

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