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HEXALITE – “Advanced Ultra slim blank using TruCast Technology”

From the very start our aim has been to develop a series of rods that offer exceptional performance when casting or playing fish – but at a price that is still within range of most anglers. There are plenty of rods on the market that rely either on lower specification materials and inferior build quality to satisfy the mass market or carry a ‘name’ to suggest its worthy of a high price tag. Instead of following the ‘pack’ we dispensed with many common assumptions and chose to look carefully at the key elements that define how a modern carp rod should perform. With the assistance of top rod designers and experienced anglers we’ve developed a range of rods that incorporate the latest blank and rod building technology.

The result? Outstanding Performance at a Very Realistic Price.

In testing these rods have banked an incredible number of big fish in both the USA & Europe giving you total confidence when it comes to landing your own catch of a lifetime.

Available Tapers

Available in 5 test curves from the sympathetic power of the 2.50 lb up to the awesome strength of the 3.50 lb. Each taper is designed to meet the demands of modern carp and specimen fishing.

Rod Features

The Blank


Our hexalite tm rod series is designed to help anglers at all levels get more out of their fishing.

We use superior quality high modulus carbons combined with a unique low resin process. The result is a super slim, ultra strong blank with characteristics typically found only in very high end rods. The natural carbon 1K weave (effectively a higher ‘thread’ count just like top quality fabrics) is not only attractive & durable but allows the low resin formulation that ensures Saxon rods will continue to out perform and out last lower specification rods for years to come.

More importantly the action of the hexalite tm rods with our TruCast tm technology provides outstanding all round performance. Tip bounce is effectively eliminated to help you deliver maximum casting energy and pin point accuracy to ensure your bait is positioned exactly where it needs to be. Above all our design team has created a blank that not only delivers the necessary casting performance but also a progressive action that gives you total confidence & responsive handling when playing even the biggest, hard fighting fish.

The Rings


Defying convention we added an additional ‘sixth’ ring. This allows the line to follow the curvature of the rod more closely and passes over the rings at a far less acute angle under load than rods with fewer rings. The Result? Significantly less line friction or wear plus reduced inertia from sudden lunges or runs means less risk of break offs or hook pulls. Now you can have total confidence when playing hard fighting fish right under the rod tip.  And in case you were about to ask – there is no change in casting performance!

The ring placement also allows the tip to nestle securely protected by the butt when carrying made up rods.


Six Super light, ultra low friction silicone carbide rings plus an oversize ‘wrap around’ 12mm tip ring ( ideal for braid or mono lines) provide maximum line protection even under pressure at extreme angles. The larger diameter tip also minimizes the risk of clogging with weed or debris and allows easy passage of shock leader connections. The smooth transition from a 40mm diameter butt ring maximizes casting distance.

Ring dimensions (mm): 40/30/20/16/12/12/12Tip

The Butt Handle


So often overlooked but among the most important elements in a modern performance rod! A comfortable, flared shrink rubber handle ensures a stable, ergonomic hand grip – absolutely critical when applying maximum power in the cast.  And unlike cheaper EVA grips it is extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

The unique  end cap design provides added security on rod pods or individual bank sticks allowing you to clip the rod butt into a rest when fishing tight against snags.   Experienced anglers find the  durable (synthetic cork)  non-slip surface will hold the rod butt firmly & comfortably against the body without slipping. This allows more leverage (without tiring your arm) and control when playing hard fighting fish. And finally unlike metal end caps it will not get scratched on hard surfaces.


Ideal for fishing snags etc – the rod butt can be clipped securely in a rest if needed.

The Reel Seat


Saxon JPS-18 screw-lock reel seat offers a stable and secure platform for your reel – including all popular Big Pit style models. The “carbon weave” pattern matches the rod blank while the ‘low flash’ black end caps and collar reflect quality and distinction.

Cloth Bag

Each rod comes complete with a high quality brushed suede finish protective cloth bag embroidered with the Saxon logos, test curve and rod length.


Saxon Rod Range


Saxon rods are available in five test curves from the sympathetic strength of the 2.50 lb up to the awesome power of the 3.50 lb. Each taper is designed to meet the demands of modern carp and specimen fishing.

12ft 2.50lb Test Curve

The ideal rod for shorter range and margin fishing.  It has a very progressive action right into the butt with a smooth power transfer that minimizes shock from sudden surges and makes it ideal for casting delicate surface, pack baits or a loaded feeder.

This rod has tamed some monster fish to over 50lbs!

Price: £149.99

12ft 2.75lb Test Curve

Similar action to the 2.50lb but with a little more ‘backbone’. Ideal for putting the stops to big fish in tight, snaggy swims when they will be battling freedom under the rod tip right from the hook set. The 2.75 is the perfect weapon and able to absorb all that energy without giving up until the fish is safely in the net.

But don’t take our word… Here’s Jason Cann on the 2.75?s “I used them when I was snag fishing in the British champs. They were perfect for the job.

Price: £149.99

12ft 3.00lb Test Curve

Only have room for one set of rods? Here’s the best all round option. A medium fast taper offers sufficient stiffness to cast longer distances with accuracy while still absorbing those powerful surges from big fish. One of our best selling rods resulting in an incredible number of exceptional fish. A great choice and ideal for most waters.

Price: £149.99

12ft 3.25lb Test Curve

Larger waters demand serious performance from a rod. The 3.25 has sufficient power reserves to cast longer distances when needed but unlike so many other rods still retains a truly balanced feel.  Now you can fish at range as well as put the brakes on a fast running fish or play hard fighting beasts right under the rod tip with complete confidence.

Price: £159.99

12ft 3.50lb Test Curve

Incredible power combines with the advanced taper design to make it ideal when fishing at more extreme ranges & when casting heavier leads, baits (including big deadbaits) or large method feeders. However unlike over ‘stiff’ blanks (which can result in hook pulls) the 3.50 hexalite delivers exceptional reserves deep into the rod allowing you to handle truly B-I-G Carp, Pike and Catfish without ‘locking-up’.

Price: £159.99
Here’s European big fish expert Johnny Blisak on his Saxon hexalites: “The rods proved themselves perfectly. Great action, perfect curve… the 3.00 worked out well for the canals and the 3.50 proved themselves 100% at Rainbow –  in one word GREAT!”

Why an ‘extra’ rod ring?

The following images and discussion will hopefully reveal the science & benefits of adding the ‘extra’ sixth ring on the Saxon hexalite rods.

Conventional carp rods  have only 5 rings and promote this as beneficial to reducing friction when casting. The reality is very different – Fewer rings might save production costs but having an extra couple of rings has no impact on casting distance. This is because once the rod has ‘unloaded’ from the cast it remains straight (you’ll notice there is almost no rebound ‘bounce’ during casting on Saxon rods) so the line passes directly through the rings with minimal contact.


However when playing a fish  its a very different story… As the rod bends further into a hard fighting fish so the angle of the line passing over the rings increases. In fact the friction of the line in contact with the rod ring  increases exponentially the more the rod bends.

Why is this important? A reduction in line friction  not only reduces line wear and twist but also reduces inertia (the amount of ‘pull’ needed to get the line moving).  This line inertia is critical when fighting fish  –  especially right under the rod tip.  If the line can ‘flow’ more easily over the rod rings when a fish makes a run or lunge  the risk of a break off or hook pull will be greatly reduced.

That’s why we added the extra ring on Saxon rods – it allows the line to follow the rod curvature more closely and significantly reduces friction. So now when you are playing even big fish the line can flow more easily and smoothly –  even when the rod is bent double putting the brakes on that catch of a lifetime!