The Team

Andy – Our Bait Guru.

DSCF3227 Some people say he was born with a rod in his hand, some people say he leaves the shredded wheat & just eats the box & some people even say he talks complete & utter Carp! All we know is, he’s called “The Boss” ….

Seriously though sometimes we do think Andy started fishing before he was born! He has an uncanny knack of catching fish wherever he goes (which sadly isn’t often these days).

He was probably one of the first anglers in the UK to start fishing with a bait that could be described as a boilie. Some of Andy’s first “homemade” carp baits involved mixing ingredients snaffled from his mum’s kitchen mixed with angel delight to make paste & boilies although he has moved on a bit from those days!

Andy’s ethos today is all about the fish we love to catch, their health & well-being is always the priority. All of the ingredients flavours & colours we use are carefully selected by Andy before being used in our manufacturing processes.

Andy biggest carp to date is 60lbs 2oz, he has also caught Cats to 56lb & Sturgeon up to 80lb 2oz

Nigel Savory

 Nigel also came on board with Sandhurst Baits in 2013. Another keen fisherman who really believed in the baits Andy was producing. As he was getting closer to retiring from his job with the electricity board he wanted to become more involved with his passion for angling. Most of Nigel’s fishing has been done around his home town of Reading but today he can be often be found wandering around local lakes near to our unit in Camberley, chatting to anglers & occasionally giving away freebies!! Nigel’s biggest carp to date is 35lb




Jacky Struthers

jackie Jacky is our secret agent as she seems to know every angler, lake, swim & named fish in the area, she is an absolute mine of information and will always take time to chat to people who visit the shop (she also makes lots of cups of tea & coffee!) Jacky’s a keen angler in her own right & fishes regularly on both Farnham Angling Society & Hartley Wintney Club waters. Her favourite lake is the Yateley South Lake & her favourite swim is the Nightmare. Jacky has caught carp up to 33lb & catfish up to 55lb.