Our Bait Testers

Introducing our bait testers.

Mark “Scooba” Cookman


Forty something year old Scooba, father of highly successful junior angler Charlie Cookman is our longest serving bait tester. A great angler who has caught fish up to 47lbs. Scooba is currently fishing the Swan Valley syndicate lake in Yateley where he has had fish up to lbs. Mark is currently using our Liberator test bait  which is due for release in March 2015, he also took this bait to Crete Lakes in 2014 where he caught the following; 39lb Mirror, 29lb 5oz Mirror, 37lb Mirror, 14lb Common, 38lb Mirror, 19lb 11oz mirror, 43lb 10oz Mirror, 42lb 4oz Mirror, 29lb 2oz Mirror, 44lb 7oz Mirror, 39lb 1oz Mirror, 44lb 14oz Mirror, 23lb 1oz Mirror, 30lb Mirror & 46lb 14oz Mirror – what a weeks fishing!!!

Charlie Cookman


Charlie who turned 10 years old in October 2014 is having the kind season most of us only dream about, he is also using our Liberator  test bait  at Swan Valley where he fishes with his dad. Charlie has featured in several magazine articles recently (Crafty Carper & Carp Talk) & is now the lake record holder at Swan Valley with his capture of a fish called Enoch at 46lbs 10oz. What made that capture special was the fact it was part of a brace of fish (middle pic above)  weighing in at a massive 83lbs 10oz. Having both Enoch & The Korda fish at 37lbs on the bank at the same time really is the stuff of dreams! Charlie also joined his Dad for his first France trip in 2014 fishing Crete Lakes where he had an amazing session. Charlies fish were as follows; 46lb 6oz Mirror, 26lb 5oz Mirror, 41lb 4oz Mirror, 57lb 4oz Mirror 15lb Mirror, 42lb 2oz Mirror & a 46lb 1oz Mirror – (x4 forty’s & a fifty! Not bad for a 9 year old on his first trip abroad!)

 Kyle Owen

Kyle Owenko1ko3

Kyle who lives in Wales often makes the regular trip down the M4 to his syndicate lake, Swan Valley in Yateley. Kyle has had a very successful first season with us on Swan Valley landing an impressive 41lb mirror (& new PB) on his first session out on our bait & regularly catching good quality fish including a brace of thirty’s on one of his subsequent sessions. Kyle is a dedicated angler, out in all weather & is already busy planning his 2015 winter campaign on a previously unfished lake closer to his home. Kyle is currently using our P2 boilies, a super creamy fruit based boilie on our specially blended 50/50 base mix.

Steve Peach

Steve Peach2sp5sp4

Local chef an and absolutely outstanding angler Steve Peach catches fish wherever he goes! Steve has been mostly fishing syndicate lakes Papercourt & Silvermere during the 2014 / 15 season but can also be found fishing Farnham Angling Society waters. As an ex-bailiff for FAS Steve has a massive in depth knowledge about their waters, especially Tarn lake where Steve appears to know every carp in the lake on a first name basis! Unfortunately an accident while fishing prevented Steve from going out toward the end of 2014 (he dislocated his wrist slipping on wooden bridge) but he has still had an outstanding season by anyone’s standards! Steve is currently on another test bait due to be released in March 2015, the Red Illex a blended fishmeal boilie with real Falkland’s Squid, natural sweeteners & a light fruity back tone.

Kieran Mdk Richardson

Kieran Mdk Davidsonkr1kr7

Kieran is another angler we are proud to have on our team of testers, he is one of the most thorough anglers we know. He always does his watercraft, he pays great attention to detail and is never scared to move swims at the drop of a hat if he thinks it will increase his chances of catching a fish – a lesson sadly that most anglers these days never learn! Kieran fishes mainly commercial waters with his angling buddy Mark Raynor (see below) proving Sandhurst Baits boilies catch wherever you use them! Kieran’s favourite bait is our Hot Pepperami boilies from the freezer, a pungent spicy meat flavour boilies on our 50/50 base mix – it really is a bit of an animal!!!

Mark Raynor

Mark Raynormr1mr6

Mark Raynor, another keen, dedicated & thorough angler. Mark also fishes mainly commercial waters along with Kieran. Mark really knows how to present a bait well and has also had a great season on our Hot Pepperami freezer baits. Mark catches well wherever he fishes but has also had great results using our baits during trips to France in 2014 catching some absolutely stunning specimens of French Carp up to 40lbs.  

Rob Griffiths

Robs Blue Pool Thirty_DSC0390_DSC0234

Rob Griffiths is another one of our testers who like to pay attention to detail and at only 21 years of age I’ve seen Rob put more effort into his angling than guys twice his age with twice the experiance. He is always watching the water & always to ready to change his tactics if he thinks it will increase his chances of catching a fish. Whether he’s fishing baits on the bottom, zigging or floating biscuits Rob always makes sure his rigs are perfect & his hooks are razor sharp, I have honestly never seen anyone tie rigs like Rob (awesome!) Robs fishes a mixture of commercial waters & France fisheries and like all of our testers, he catches fish. Rob does most of his fishing using our C311 shelf life boilies but will always look at the water he is fishing, time of year & weather before deciding what bait to use. Robs current UK PB is 34lb.

Danny Ryan


Danny Ryan, an experienced angler who spends most of his angling time fishing Farnham Angling Society waters. Danny’s current venue of choice is the Yateley South Lake where he has in depth knowledge of both the fishy residents & the lake. He really knows his marks on South a point proven when he put an angling buddy on to a spot Danny had been wanting to fish, specifically targeting a known fish called Tango. On October 26th last year he told his pal Joe where he thought he should put a bait and yes, you’ve guessed out came Tango at 37lbs to his mate! Danny is currently on a custom rolled bait about which I can tell you nothing – because its a secret!

Gavin Nield


Local angler Gavin has spent the last season on Swan Valley along with our father & son team Mark & Charlie Cookman & Kyle Walker. Previously Gavin had been fishing the Twynersh complex in Chertsey. When Gav moved onto Swan Valley he changed his bait to our P2 shelf life boilies and had a great first season, breaking his PB in successive trips and catching some of lakes named residents!

Nick Young

Nick - South Lake PB ny1 ny3

Another local angler and Farnham Angling Society regular Nick Young joined the team last year. Nick favourite venue is the Yateley South Lake where he caught his current PB of 29.9oz on a white C311 pop-up fished on a chod rig. Nick is also a regular visitor to Godalming Angling Society’s Broadwater lake where he likes to use both our C311 and Hot Pepperami boilies.

Our Junior Anglers

Bradley Phillips


One half of our “brothers” team, Bradley mainly fishes Hartley Witney Angling Society’s Church Farm complex in Yateley but has regular trips up to the Linear Fishery in Oxfordshire with his brother Lewis & their dad Ben. Bradley has been fishing for Sandhurst Baits for a few years now last year represented us at the BYCAC held at the Linear Fishery where he won his section during the qualifiers and made it through to the final. Bradley is a keen angler who even at this tender age knows that watercraft & preparation are key to successful fishing trips. Bradley’s favourite bait is our Exodus boilie which he likes to use pva bag style. Bradleys current PB is 30lbs

Lewis Phillips


The younger half of our “brothers” team! Like Bradley Lewis fishes both Church Farm & Linear on a regular basis. Lewis has represented Sandhurst Baits at the BYCAC for the last two seasons where he has won his section and qualified for the finals. Lewis also likes to fish PVA bag style & his precise & dedicated approach to angling has caught him fish when older anglers around him have struggled.

Harry Wright

hw22 hw14.8 harry1

16 year old Harry joined the Sandhurst Baits team early in 2014. He mainly fishes at the Tri-Lakes fishery in Sandhurst. His favourite baits are our C311 & Hot Pepperami which he will use on either a hinged stiff or snowman rig. 2014 also saw Harry venturing abroad for the first time where he joined some of the other Sandhurst Bait anglers at Les Kaolins in the South of France. This year Harry is hoping to fish either the FAS Nursery Lake or the South Lake at Woodley where he will be after some of the big scaly mirrors lurking there & aiming to improve on his current PB of 23.8lb.

Toby Ferguson

tf2 tf3

Another new member to our Junior testing team Toby joined us last year and also represented us at the BYCAC at the Linear Fishery where perseverance paid off and Toby made it through the qualifiers into the finals. Toby does most of his fishing around his home town of Malmesbury where his dedicated approach to angling paid off in early December last year while braving the weather on an overnighter when most of us were at home with the heating on full blast Toby was out fishing and his effort was rewarded with two fish on the bank, one an 18.6lb Mirror & the other a 32.8lb mirror and new PB – effort equals reward!

Our Lady Anglers

Charlene Fry

_DSC0045 _DSC0136 _DSC0369

Char only started fishing in 2014 and jumped straight in at the deep end with a trip to France where she ended up being top rod for the week! Using Sandhurst Baits Crab & Plum boilies Char landed about 15 fish with several being around the 30lb mark. Not bad for a first attempt!

Jacky Struthers

IMG_2472 DSCF3219 DSCF3181

Jacky’s fishing has been severely restricted during the 2014/15 season as she has managed to trap both femoral nerves in her legs! She has only managed a handful of trips to the bank but has still managed to land an amazing amount of Carp (with the odd Cat thrown in for good measure). Her favourite lake is the Yateley South Lake where her favourite swim is the Nightmare. Jacky was still managing to catch & land fish when the lake appeared dead & no one else was catching. Jacky managed two trips to France last year & even though one was cut short and she could only fish for half the days on the other one she still out caught nearly everyone else by catching around 30 carp to the mid thirty’s and several cats to 55lbs, not bad for someone who can hardly walk! Jacky’s favourite baits are the P2 & C311 but she has also been known to use a custom rolled bait she designed herself.


Interested in becoming a bait tester for Sandhurst Baits?


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